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What is the difference between glass repair and a new window?

Glass can be replaced in the existing frames of your windows. However, this does not upgrade the window system, nor does it prevent future fogged window glass.
New windows require the full existing window to be removed and replaced with an upgraded system to solve your window needs.

Do both decision makers need to be home at the time of an estimate?

Absolutely NOT! This is a high-pressure closing tactic and should be a red flag to homeowners put in these situations.
Our Estimates are fast and last as long or short as a homeowner needs to have their questions answered.

How do your windows compare to other companies?

We custom build our windows from the ground up. We can build top of the line with every bell and whistle requested or simply build to your request. What you will never see in our installs is a product that will not last. We will never sacrifice or cut corners no matter the application. All windows are third party tested to ensure energy efficiency ratings.

Do you have references?

Yes! Most all of our customers over the years have been willing to share the My Home Windows experience with other homeowners. Lots of people understand the struggle of who to trust in the marketplace. This is an easy way for homeowners to trust but also verify their final decision.